What Is The Belief In Many Gods Called?


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Belief in many Gods is polytheism.  The belief that there are gods in everything is pantheism.
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Worship of many gods is called polytheism.
Belief in many gods is called polytheism.
"The Belief of many gods" would be what many gods believe.  I can't imagine how anyone could answer that.
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There are many "religions" that have believed and praised many gods. Pagan, Hinduism, polytheistic.... Just to name a few.
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Belief in more than one God is called pantheism. It was widely practiced in ancient Rome and Greece
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Polytheism. And the belief that god is in everything is pantheism ;)
I consider myself a pantheist ;)
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Its not called anything, its a sin because one of the ten commandments are have no other gods before me. God said that.
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