What Does It Mean When You Dream Of A Dead Pet Returning?


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My opinion is that they are trying to let you know that they will always be by your side.I lost my dog of 10 years to cancer and didn't really get to say good-bye..he came to me ina  dream about 3 days later,I knew he was dead,but he sat in front of me and let me hug him,it comforted me.I dreamed about him again about 2 months later,again,I knew he was dead,but he came running into the house with my other dogs,happy as can be and jumped up on me wagging his tail.I believe they are letting you know that they are ok
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It means there watching over you and showing you there happy where they are out of pain
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Well when one loses a favorite companion who was always been by your side these type of dreams usually occur. You must have been very attached to your dog and the dream only signifies that the dog will always be around you and his memory will never be forgotten. So it's nothing to worry about and these type of dreams have come to many people who have lost their cats, dogs or other pets.
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If you look it up in a dreams book or see a medium they say that it is your pet returning to tell you that they are ok and happy.
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The good old saying "you don't know what you've got till its gone" comes to mind. Dreaming of a dead pet signifies that you loved them and you are subconciously trying to say goodbye x
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I'm not answering a question here, but leaving a comment. I don't know (and we really have no way of knowing for sure) whether the common response here is true. That it means that they are letting you know that they are happy and will always be with you, but I most certainly do find it to be comforting.  It helps when there are more thanonee of you who have had the same experiences / dreams and share the same opinion about their meaning.
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Your dream means that your beloved pet is about to incarnate back into your family...maybe as a dog or even a cat.  Keep a sharp eye out for any pets that suddenly come up for adoption like..."Hey, my dog just had her litter would you like to have one of the puppies?"

You see, animals are SOUL, too.  They're young SOULs that are not quite ready for human consciousness, but they're getting there.  BUDDHA recalled lifetimes as fish, turtles, birds, mammals etc.  Eventually, SOUL reaches HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS and starts incarnating human.  I've had many beloved pets return to me more than once.  Cats really do have nine lives.  One of my cats actually finished with learning all that they could learn as a cat, and began incarnating in primate form, more advanced and closer to the human state.

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I think your pet wants you convey the message that he/she is fine and happy where ever he/she is.

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A few weeks after my dog had passed I had a dream that he just walked right into my bedroom, In the dream I knew he was not alive, so I was so surprised and happy to see him again. I could here his thoughts like he was talking to me, and he told me he wanted to come back to see me for a little while, but would have to leave by 9:00. So i spent that time with him, just laying down, petting, hugging, and kissing him, enjoying every second. He then got up after some time and said it was now 9:00 and had to leave. Gave him one last hug and on he went.  I woke up what felt like only a few moments later, the time on my clock was 9:10.

I believe he came to me to give me some closure, that he is happy and okay where he is at, and that he will always be there for me, by my side every step of the way in life and death. I had to put him down at just over 3 years old because he attacked my sister and we didnt know if we could trust him anymore around her, he was a black chow chow. I made that very difficult decision and felt so guilty, and that is why I believe he gave me that closure, to tell me it was okay, that he loves me regardless.

Dreams always mean something.

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I'vee only dreamed of dead loved once twice in my life, both were the worst times of my life. I dreamed of my grandfather right after I had a miscarriage and we didn't talk, I just saw him standing there holding a baby and smiling at me.

And then last night I dreamed my dead pet of 16 years came running in to see me. I recently found out hubby was having an affair. Whether its my subconcious(sp) or an actual visit,  I don't know. But they made me feel better.. I think all that matters is if it makes you feel better...

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my dog of 9 years died to cancer and i never got to say goodbye... Iv dreamt of her twice since shes been gone in the first one she was healty and happy in the 2nd one she had lost weight but happy to see me it felt so real and i told her i was taking her home.. Breaks my heart when i think about her .. Rip porcha

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I think I agree with 'Don Moran' here.  His answer does make a great deal of sense.

I came here just now (a few mintues ago) because I just woke up after having a shocking and disturbing dream that made me cry and I woke up crying and sobbing (sort of).  Today is june 21st, 2017, 4:10am.  My birthday is tomorrow at 2:22pm.

I just dreamed that my dog died in my arms (her heart stopped beating all of a sudden and I felt it),  I started crying and began to shake her to try to wake her up and by the time I realized she was really gone I started to sob and cry as I hugged her and I couldn't stop doing that for while.  I wanted her to come back more than anything in the world.  Just before she died in my dream, I remember her and myself sort of like flying over some weird place at a very high speed, but it was a place I'd never seen before.  We ended up in front of one of my aunts' old house, and then that's where her heart stopped while I was hugging her.  And then, after what felt like a really long time, and just a few moments before I woke up, she opened her eyes and started wagging her tail (to my immense relief),  I felt terrible when I woke up (sad/shocked/mortified) like if I was just robbed of something.

After waking up at 4:00am.  I realized my mom forgot and left my dog outside all night while I was sleeping.  My dog was sleeping next to the door in the cold.  OMFG!...  I have her in my room with me right now, and the first thing I did was hug her and kiss her a hundred times.

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I keep having recurring dreams of my deceased Guinea pig.

The first one was a premonition that she died, and in the dream we threw her away. But in the morning, my mother woke me up and I found out my beloved Guinea pig was dead.

A few months after her passing, I had another dream, but this time I was on a trek through a forest I used to explore as a child. We were just approaching a lake when she sprang out of the grass and started 'popcorning'. The most recent one was when I returned from an underground cinema and she was in a plastic cage with my two new Guinea pigs. And when the sun rise in my dream, I thought she was going to fade away, but she stayed, and I could feel the warmth in my fingers as I woke into reality.

So, to conclude, I think that dreaming of a dead pet is letting you know that they will always be with you, they will always watch over you, and they will always love you with all their heart. And they will be waiting for you to join them, so you can live again.

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I think it means that they are all ok and happy. Last night I had a dream of two dogs. It was my first time dreaming of them since we had to put them down. There was a dog that I had for 13 years and then the dog I had for 3 years and had to recently put him down because he had anxiety and kept biting friends and family even kids! He was put down the day before my birthday. The dream I had was my mum, dad, sister and I were in the backyard playing with my old dog that was 13 years old but in the dream he looked about 2 or 3 and I was also playing with my other dog that was 3 years old but he looked like 9 months old in the dream. They let me cuddle them and pet them. When I woke up in the morning ( This morning ) I felt a sudden chill where both of my dogs ashes where but the rest of the house was warm. I think that they were there with me.

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I think they're telling you that they still love you and want to be with you again.

My Pomeranian mix Sable died Memorial Day weekend of 2016. She had been having respiratory issues for a couple of weeks before she passed, and I think on some level I was getting ready for her passing. She enjoyed her walkies that evening, and her treats afterward.

When I  went to bed that night, she jumped up in bed with me and started licking my arm while I petted her and loved on her. I told her she was the most bestest doggy there ever was since dogs were and I loved her so much. I was petting her when I realized she wasn't breathing any more.

It was very peaceful and we were comforting each other. It was almost midnight so I held her and cried myself to sleep. When her vet opened in the morning,  I called them and they had her cremated.

Last night I had a dream that I came home and she was at the door like she used to be, and she jumped up and wagged her tail and was her usual happy self. It made me happy to play with her again.

I think she was telling me that she is happy in doggy heaven and she missed me.

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I always dream of my cat that passed many years ago, its like he never went although I wake up cold after them. X
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What does it mean if your pet is alive to dream of the pets funeral . Not only do I see my pet dead in a casket but becoming alive once more . In the spirit of another pet?
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It means you've lost it!!!No I'm kidding it means you need to do something to get it off your mind or something....

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