What Does That Mean When U Dream Of A Deceased Loved One?


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I believe that when you are asleep, your subconscious mind is wide open for communication from the other side.  I've had dreams of deceased loved ones. There's your "just a dream" , and then there's the "communication" dream. The communication ones are very strong. You just know the difference. It sticks with you for days. Usually they want to just let you know that they're still with you and that they love you. My Grandma comes to me in times of great stress. One dream she was hugging me telling me that everything was going to be ok. You have to look into your dream for the answers.
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I believe it is your ve live mind at work while you sleep. But I also believe that the dead can communicate with the living. I have had two very real situations happen to me. My great aunt died when I was around 16, she was my favorite aunt growing up. I was never able to say goodbye. 15 or so years later she appeared to me in a dream and gave me the biggest most loving hug. I believe it was to say goodbye. I haven't dreamt of her since. My grandmother died about 5 years ago. I loved her like my own mother and her death really tore me up. I get tearful just thinking about her to this day. Last night I had a dream that I received a phone call from my dead grandmother. She had left a message earlier that was set to be delivered at a particular time. She basically said she loved me and was proud of me. She told me how special I was. I woke up in tears. My heart was aching but also at peace because I knew she was ok and watching over me. I will always love her!
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It seems that he was in deep love with you when he was alive and now he want you to go on and keep going as the life can't stop with out anybody.
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My 37 yr old husband died suddenly last year.  I have had all kinds of dreams even nightmares about him.  They leave me feeling worse the next day.  Sad, upset and very depressed- you know.  I am seeing a grief counselor and he told me not to put too much credence into those dreams.  He said my mind has not stopped grieving even though my body is asleep. And that is where the dreams come from.  Ecclesiastes ch 5 ( I think) says many are the dreams when there are many cares, (my version!)  So I really do agree with my counselor.  Our minds do not shut down while we are asleep, we are continually living out our fears and griefs, but in a strange and distorted way. God bless.
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I agree this meaning is that you remember and miss them so much it is something that you will never ever get over. I also have those dreams sometimes about my mother in law, she had such an impact on my life that I was totally devastated by her passing, I also felt she came to me and told me  goodbye and it was so real my eyes were wide opened and I felt the presence also, My life was so different since that day and always will be because I lost a part of my heart , you are not abnormal hon just a person with a big heart and a lot of love good luck!
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It's natural to dream about loved ones that you have lost.I dream a lot about my mom and dad.. They have both been gone over 20 years. I think you have them on your mind and still miss them. Maybe you feel that you wish you could have said more to them before they passed. Try writing a letter to them with all your feeling. Maybe that would make you feel better.
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It's means that you still miss them .  you  may never stop having these dreams . It's show deep in your  heart at you lost  love ones.  that you cared a lot for . In your dreams you can never lose contact with them.
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I agree with the previous two answers.  It is just you missing them, and remembering them.  I am sure they are in a better place (heaven).  I bet they are watching out with you and are with you all the time.  Maybe you know that already though, or can feel them around you.  Take care.
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My husband died christmas time. I just dreamt we were at the cemetery for some reason, his dad was being re-buried and we saw him in his coffin. 

My husband was so upset then he was being buried, but he was scared. 

I said I was sorry, I saw my coffin with my name on it. The coffin was empty. That could mean it's waiting as I have a plot...

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It means that neither wanted to tell you something or that you have miss them too much.

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