Can An Aquarius Women And A Libra Man Have A Good Married Life?


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They certainly can! The matching of the Libra man and Aquarius woman is one of the easiest and smoothest combinations of all the zodiac.

This is mainly due to communication, and they will find that conversations flow effortlessly when they are together.

As with all relationships, these two will encounter some obstacles along the way. However, this pair's communication skills are so good that they could sort out any conflict.

Can a Libra man and an Aquarius woman enjoy a happy marriage?
  • The Libra man is very well suited to the Aquarius woman. His natural talent for diplomacy will ensure that any disagreements can be ironed out quickly.
  • The Aquarius woman is a committed person, who brings love, warmth and care to the Libra man. The Libra man appreciates her affection and romantic gestures.
  • The relationship between these two signs will quickly become emotional.
  • The diplomacy skills of the Libra can repair most problems they encounter.
These two will certainly enjoy a good married life. The combination of the Libra man and the Aquarius woman is one of the strongest matches in all of the zodiac.
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Have you heard of the self-fulfilling prophecy?  If think that you can't, you won't.  You will actually, subconsciously, derail your chances.  You will be thinking to yourself, "Oh man!  He's a libra!  He has no chance of understanding me!"

But, is your relationship built on mutual understanding and respect?  Do you have the love for a long haul (and I don't mean that warm, fuzzy feeling, I mean really love each other--full acceptance of the good and the bad)?  Sure, you may love him, but are you willing to watch football with him?  Do you really feel the commitment to each other that you are determined to make work over the course of your lives?  Then, of course, you can have a good married life!

Stars, for the record, are large spheres of gas undergoing nuclear fusion and they have a ton of gravity (Get it?  "A ton of gravity"?).  The arbitrary division of the calendar, coupled with the relative position of random stars and planets has nothing to do with your relationship.
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I think that it isn't really important. If you pay enough attention to your husband/wife, and both partners do that, things will be fine, if not, problems will occur. Actually, even if you work hard on your marriage, you may experience some problems just because people tend to get bored when the marriage turns into routine. But in such a situation you shouldn't divorce, there are a lot of ways to get back romance to your lives like Blue Paradise DR for example.

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Yes they are great with each other! Libra will spoil and cushion the Aquarius women while Aquarius will support and fill the Libra's love needs. They will have great conversation and long term-relationship potential.
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Only if they really want to. Same as anybody, regardless of birth dates. It isn't what's in the stars, it's what's in you.

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