What does it mean when you dream anout your crush? I really want to know i will tell you more if u answer


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It could mean he is just on your mind.
But it could also mean he is crushing on you too. I've had many dreams about my ex boyfriend that I care about a lot. I have had many dreams that we were spending time together. The next day he ends up talking to me randomly and we hangout. I had a dream that he told me he loves me. The next night we had a long talk about us and he said those three words "I love you" for the first time in months. I do think of him and my feelings for him a lot, but I think he thinks of me and my feelings for him about the same. Because every time I dream of him he will pop back into my life. They say when you dream about someone that means they were thinking of you. I believe that.
Also when you dream about someone it is because you have some kind of connection to that person. In your case you like him, so that could be why you dream of him.
But I think there is a possibility he likes you back.
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There is a good chance that if that person is your crush, that you think about that person a lot, therefor they are on your mind. So do not be surprised if you dream about them. And don't worry you don't have to tell us anything.
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It just means hes on your mind a lot. Your dreams are usually based on something you think of a lot with or without knowing it consciously
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I end up telling random people that I dreamed about them. Now one of my friends and I almost always talk about our dreams. I've dreamt about the mother and the brother of one of my other friends. Awkward.

 In one dream her mother was in my house and wanted to buy me ice cream. Lol. Her older brother is very cute, and I saw him on the side walk while at a Japanese school in another dream. I guess my dream state thought he looked Asian. Lol

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Like other boys? Maybe it's a sign? Like maybe you like them or something could happen something like that in the future or maybe a sign.
Could you tell me more please?
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I think it is, sometimes when you dream, it kind of based of what your brain knows even if you don't know it. That is what I hate: Your OWN brain HIDES YOUR secrets from YOU! I think it is a sign of true love. Fate, maybe? (just my opinion)Maybe it's like Romeo and Juliet(lol)but I think you like that person as well. You know what they always say, "always follow your heart.."well, why not follow your brain? I mean it is the fastest, smartest thing on Earth.
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Okay if i need any help can i ask you is that okay or no
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Yes, it's okay.

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