What Does It Mean If A Girl Tell U She Dreamed About You?


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sheldon roberts answered
If a girl tells you that she dreamed about you, it simply means that she wants you 2 ask her what was her dream about,, and most likely it wud be something 2 your advantage, because if it was just a simple dream, she wouldnt have just said she dreamed about you, she wud come straight out n tell you what she dreamed about you last night or wen eva, but since she just said that she dreamed about you, she's looking for you 2 ask, or maybe she just wants the chance to hint you on wats on her mind towards you....
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Joe B. answered
You made an impression on her.... Calm down, it might not have been a good one LOL nah if she dreamed about you and told you she did.... Why I might guess she is trying to hint to you that you are on her mind..... Like maybe a crush or something.
But what do I know, maybe you should ask her today what it means, communication is after all the foundation of any healthy relationship.
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Megan goodgirl answered

that she likes you.

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