Is it true that if you have a dream about someone they're either thinking about you or you were in their dream too?


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LOL i dont think i was in eminem's dream
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No, I don't think that happen to me. If I think about my wife, I don't think my wife knows anything of it or have the same dream as I am, or they are thinking about me at the same time, that is impossible, but if it really is true, that would be very cool.
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U at some point thought abt them
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Everyone makes the point that celebrities don't think about you so it
can't be true but i read that it can only happen with people you know.

I have liked this guy for almost two years now and I think at one point he may have liked me but I dont think he does anymore. Anyway because i have liked him for so long I haven't really thought about him recently or atleast not as much and I didn't go to sleep thinking about him (i was actually thinking about a celebrity lol) but I dreamt my crush asked me out and its brought my feelings back for him again. Does this mean he was thinking about me?

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I don't believe you can. Only blurtit can. I has a question I wanted to delete once and could not find a way to do it.
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I've been dreaming about a guy I like, too...for about two months. Yesterday, I found out he likes me, too, I dunno if just a coincidence but...based off of my life experience, yes, it means they like you, too.

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