My Aunt Keeps Having Dreams About Me Being Pregnant, What Does That Mean?


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For lack of more detail, here are two answers.

1. You have/will soon inspire a new  project/venture for your aunt, something you have said perhaps.. Given her an idea to start something/ looking into something..
    It cannot be dismissed either that the girl in the dream although she looks and appears to be you  is an extension of her own self.. Meaning the new project may be something of your aunts, but it was something she had considered when she was around the age that you are now..or yourself in your younger form of her is an extension of her feeling that she is too old to do "this now" if she was your age she might have done it..( her possible feelings, lol, not mine. As far as I'm concerned never ever too old to start something new..)

2. Your aunt is seeing you embarking on a new faze in your life, ie from puberty to grown woman.. From child to teen

more detail about the dream will give more insight as to what the dream means in this case. Details such as does your aunt play a role in this dream or is she an observer..Often the smallest seemingly insignificant detail gives the most important information when dream interpreting.. Everything from time of day the dreams appear to be played out in, to a feeling or thought had within the dream helps to complete a more accurate dream reading.

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