I Always Dream About My Childhood. What Does That Mean?


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Dreaming of your childhood can symbolise a desire to return to a time in your life of greater simplicity.

When you're a child, you don't have any responsibility, and you can usually depend on an adult to solve your problems for you. As you grow older and become independent, you have to learn to solve your own problems and accept responsibility for your actions. Sometimes, this can be stressful, so it is no wonder that a childlike state is occasionally desirable.You might want to ask yourself if anything has happened recently that might be putting you under a pressure that being in a childlike state would save you from.

Dreams of childhood can also indicate unresolved issues pertaining to that point in your life, or symbolise a state of innocence or helplessness. For example, if something traumatic happened to you at an age where you were too young to understand it properly - a parent leaving, for example - you might be revisiting this in your dreams today in an attempt to deal with the emotions you felt back then. Dreams can give us the opportunity to approach the difficulties of our earlier lives from a more mature or knowledgeable perspective.

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PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder as referred by Tausif is very real and a possibility. Dreams are not understood by any doctor any where eastern or western medicine. What I would like to share with you is my story. I have ptsd I have also been hypnotized. I under one of my many sessions went back to a previous life where my wife and children were murdered. It is suggested to me that this is why I have a fear of abandonment and attachment issues. Ok so I also usto have a recurring dream as a child. Maby 2 or 3 years old. I dreamt that my mom and dad were murdered. This was brought on by watching a scary movie. NOw I personally believing life after death. DO you? If you do than it is possible you are like me in the sence that something is triggering your past or previous life. The sole may carry these things with it. I don't know. NO one does and probably never will. Even  to this day I some times have vividly real dreams where peoople are attacking my house and family. These are so real that I reach for my weapon of shoice before I realize that it was a dream. For me my dreams are very powerful. I believe they have several different meanings. Some are messages from my creator. Some are triggered by the last time  stimulated my mind. I find I have these dreams after playing a grusum video game or watching court tv or murder mysteries. Also for me the show future ramma has triggered some quiet strange dreams. I believe we can learn from this. If nothing else avoid these stimuli before sleep.
I would say therapy can help you work through issues, but these people have opinions and beliefs as well. Medical science is often ties bias and closed minded to things like such. Hypnosis is not recognised by many doctors as a sutible forme of treatment, I do believe it works if your mind is willing to let it. Its like meditation almost. It helped to understand why. By knowing why it helps me to controlle it. It can be verry dehabilating. Ptsd that is. I'm not sure what you've seen or had done to you, but this is what causes it. Well I hope I shed a little speck of light for you to make a healthy decision regarding your care. Good luck.
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It means you've had some unforgettable incidents in your childhood. And you need some psychotherapy to get this condition. So you should consult with some psychologist so that your problem will be solved.
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Going by Carl G. Jung the father of dreams, their are so many questions that need to be answered frist! That ANYONE who gave you an answer with that little info would be talking out of the side of their mouths!!!!!
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Also you might find some interest at. Are.org

My feelings as Jung's are different, but why then did Sigmund pay $2000 to Jung to use some of his dream stuff?

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