I Keep Dreaming That My Husband Doesnt Love Me Anymore What Does This Dream Mean?


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When you really love someone it's a similar feeling to fear and anxiety. So your brain connects your love to fear. If what your most afraid of is him leaving you then that could make you have that dream. Science says that dreams are pictures of things you've already seen, just really jumbled up because of what you subconsciously relate to each other. If you have a friend that lost their spouse or saw a movie or read about that situation, any minor detail similar to you life could make you have that dream. Maybe subconsciously you don't feel you deserve his love or you feel you haven't been honest with him so your stress is coming out through your dreams. If he's not acting weird, then everything's okay. If your still worried, you should pray :)
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This dream is bringing up something in your subconscious... maybe you have doubts about the relationship you haven't addressed when you are awake, and they now manifest as dreams

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