If I Could Fall Into The Sky Do You Think Time Would Pass Me By?


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Oddman answered
If you could fall into the sky, you are clearly operating in a reality that is different from that which the rest of us enjoy. Time in your reality has no meaning predictable by those of us left behind. My guess is that you may find time has already passed you by.
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Glen Thornbury answered
Einstein says a lot of things in this area!
One is that the speed of light deals very much so. IF you could sit on a beam of light and ride it and then held a mirror in front of you you would not see your reflection at all! For you would be going the speed it takes for your reflection to get there!

So, in theory, IF you could travel FASTER than the speed of light then you could go to Mars and come back BEFORE YOU LEFT!

Then there is Tesla later!

I hope you now think of time differently!


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