What Does It Mean When You See Yourself Dead In A Dream?


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I’ve had that dream before, and it wasn’t very nice! There’s good news, though – the dream actually means that you’re going to grow and change as a person, which can be quite exciting.

Apparently, dreaming about seeing yourself dead means that part of you is going to die. This isn’t a bad thing, though! It probably just means that you’re going to mature, or change in a good way.

Think about what was happening in your dream when you died. This might be related to the change that's going to happen in your life - it was for me!

I had a dream I fell off of my pony (he’s called Dougal) and died because he accidentally stomped on me. When it happened, I felt myself leave my body and then I looked down at it.

A few weeks later, I stopped taking dance classes and spent more time riding, and I met my first boyfriend at the stable! I guess you could say that was the end of one stage of my life and the start of a new one.

Try not to worry about your dream, because although it’s frightening, it doesn’t mean anything bad.
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I had a dream I died and my soul was looking over my dead body.
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I had a dream like that too. And everyone was looking at me lying there but I was in my souls looking at everything
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It means that you'll live longer. I don't know if that's true but that's what I heard. It depends if you see yourself dead then waking up - it means you live longer but if you see your own death it means you live shorter.

I don't know if it's true because I saw myself getting shot and I'm still here.

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