What Does It Mean If You Dream That Your Wife Cheated On You?


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Dreams are created by your imagination of how you living you create things in your head some people create their own world in their head when you dream that your wife is cheating it could be for a reason because you don't feel the same connection any more how was before onec again you are creating your own image I have two friends that are married and when they told be that one of them was right she was cheating because you feel it nothing is the same you go thru slot of stress you sad all the time and is not getting better also it could be that you fill quilty that you have cheated and that's why is following you as your night in the other side my other friend was just so unhappy and he was creating things in his head and finally he got a private investigator for two month and nothing so is all in your head sometimes....
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It means its a nightmare and that it will never happened, but make sure you have thease tips, 1 make sure shes home on time, 2 tell her you love her everyday, 3 show respect, and 4 give her a gift, 5 be romantic like you guys were when you were dating! ~*Charles~*
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Dreams are the result of suggestive thoughts and emotions. The content of a dream is not an indication of reality .. It's only the subconscious and nuro transmitters running amuck.

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