Should People Really Be Afraid Of The End Of The World? Is It Even True?


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We each have an immortal soul. We are just passing through this life in any event, so the end of this world simply means we will continue to do our soul's work somewhere else.

This world will end. Guaranteed. All things in this life and universe do. You don't need to worry about a world-ending catastrophe in your lifetime. You need to worry more about making sure you do in this life what you were sent here for.
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Well religiously it has been stated in the bible that it will happen and in all honesty I don't fear death or the end of the world... It will come when it comes and if I am still here to experience it then so be it.... But whether you believe it or not is up to you
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Science or religion .. For me it is nothing to be afraid of... For all living things are bound to die.. We all are going to die.. So whats there to be afraid of the world ending??.. You are not even sure if you will still be there by the time comes.. What we have to be afraid of is living a happy life.. Live life to the fullest for no one can really tell when it will end..
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What scares me the most is that man has the technology and neuclar bombs all ready built and stockpiled to destroy the world several times over. With Iran getting neuclar power and the President of Iran going on world wide TV saying he wants to blow Isreal off the face of the earth. I get really scared. Once the neuclar bombs start flying where will it all end. How many can explode before it is all over for everyone. They made a movie of this. It is called "On the Beach".
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Well scientifically in like billions of years the sun will become a big red ball and explode (destroying the solar system0 and then will become a dwarf far as anything else i don't know

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