Are Gnomes Real? Do You Believe In Them? If So, Tell Me Why.


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I do think they are real and there is some very strong evidence that they do,indeed,exist.
Take for example,the sightings in Argentina that have lasted nearly a decade.They had even admitted that gnomes were part of their culture.Perhaps,ancient people have spotted gnomes and had made them part of their rituals,cultures,and so.
Here's the link to the article and the video...
There is also a few sightings in Mexico.Here's another link(  to a few gnome sightings labeled "Creepy Gnomes".If you look at the third collection of posts,ignore the first post I think it's fake,at the very end there's a video of a sighting in Mexico.Look to the far right in the background of the video and you'll notice a small figure begin to emerge.There are also stories similar to gnomes at
I have done research on this exact subject.

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