Why do we have dreams?


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I figure its  a way we sleep. If you sleep you dream . That means your sleeping good.

We have dreams because we wants it , we need it
if  you have wish for any thing it is your dream to get
it  if you dont need anthing  you wont have any dream
so it is depend on you that you want a dream or not
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Because were people thats all i can say no body no's why
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Dreams are our feelings that come out during sleep
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We have dreams to help us cope with life; they are an essential part of our body’s coping mechanism for survival. There is scientific proof, that when people are prevented from dreaming over a prolonged period, they go insane.

There are many types of dream, too many to go into detail here about; but I will give you a couple to dwell on.

We dream every night, but most of the time we don’t recall them because there is no need for us to do so. This type of dream is called a processing dream; it is what your subconscious does at night to deal with all you have been doing and thinking during the day. It is when you do something like watching a lot of violence on television or computer games; that they turn into nightmares.

If you have a dream that doesn’t seem to make any sense, is usually your subconscious warning you about something, or giving you advice. In order to understand it you would have to interpret the dream symbols that it contains. There are dictionaries that you can buy to help you with this. The best one I have found is one by the author Mary Summer Rain. She also has books on the subject of dreaming. I suggest  you Sleep cycle alarm clock through this you get more results about Sleep Cycle .

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I think some of us dream cause we have lot stuff bottled up inside and sometimes we dream cause we take medication that can cause dreams and some people dream cause they eat too late at night and that can lead to dreams. One thing about me i never dream so i think i must be a sound sleeper cause i take medication and sure enough it must be doing it's job to help me sleep at night.

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To escape from reality? Dreams are make believe.

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It's a chance for your subconscious to speak to you. It was primarily to help humans survive.
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I dont know its beacause of what you think about alot and if u die in your dream you die in real life

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