Dream meaning about someone trying to kill themselves?


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Okay so in the dream I went outside to find my brother who isn't actually my brother in real life, he was actually that dude from stranger things , Will's brother I suppose but I can't seem to put my finger around his name. Anyway, I found him standing by some bushes , but he was just standing there and me being the playful one I am I grabbed a hose and sprayed him with water (just to get his attention) and he turned around and got really angry and said "just stop your bullshhiit Kayla" and I was so tooken back because in the dream we were suppose to be like really close, and we got a long well. He stormed in the house and I followed him and I was like sorry sorry but he didn't listen he just continued to ignore me. But as soon as I made my way in the house I smelled something like bleach and I scurried towards the bathroom and I saw him huddled against the wall with bleach in his hand and he had his head leaned over his knees and I automatically assumed that he drunk it so I ran up to him and I was like "OMG why the fvck would you drink that you fvcking idiot" and I only called his name out like that because I loved him and I was in panic, I held on to him and tears were running down my eyes and he was like "I don't wanna be here anymore" and then before I knew it he was throwing up and foaming out of his mouth :((( I remember waking up right after and when I woke up I just wanted to cry even though it was a dream,  I didn't even get up I just laid there for about 5 more minutes thinking about this dream. I Know dreams have meanings though so what could it have meant

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Grammar and punctuation can be your friends.

In other news, it's simply a dream. My dreams consist of what I am thinking of or reading at the time I go to sleep. If I have a problem I'm trying to work through, I generally dream a solution. Not everyone dreams the same. Most of the time, a dream is simply a dream.

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