What Does It Mean When You Have A Dream About Your Friends?


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It really depends on what kind of a dream you had about them and what kind of friends they are. If you dream about a friend you don't see anymore or don't hang out with anymore then your dreams are letting you know that subconsciously you miss them, and that is quite common.

If they are your regular friends then that usually means that you are just glad to have them around and that you have built enough trust and hang out with them so much that wherever you are, even in your dreams, your friends are always there for you.

If its a dream in which you and a friend are more than just friends then that can go two ways. One you might see them a little more than just being friends or have considered it, or it was just a once in a dream kind of thing. Truthfully, I think its more the first one because in your dreams your mind is telling you who you have once considered or at least found somewhat luring.

Hope this has helped! :)

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Sometimes it doesn't mean anything. I had a dream about my friend while I was a little far away but I still can communicate well with her. I guess it may show I'm very grateful for when my friend's been there for me. But, my friend is a girl and I'm a girl--so I cannot help any "dreaming about boys"...nor do I plan to. Sorry :(

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I had a dream about an old friend that I really don't hang out with anymore because my parents didn't like them and they don't really hang out with me at school maybe cause I act very shy at school or maybe cause I'm a girl and they are a boy. 

In my dream I saw them and got in a conversation with them they acted way more mature then that actually are. It was weird they also explained why they were avoiding me which somewhat didn't make sense cause some stuff they said really never happened but didn't really realize this till the dream was over. 

The conversation lead to a picnic .-. I don't really know how I made the food probably cause I've been practicing my cooking skills. I was surprised when they complemented me on the food. 

After that I noticed them writing in there diary I didn't look at the text but when they turned the page the book became very box like and a pony, from my little ponies was in weird enough. I asked them why they had it and their response didn't make sense at the slightest. It was cause I don't like my little pony. 

I mean they always did have a habit of lying but I very remember them liking such things. After that we went to the store to get pocket book this had something to do with the pony I guess. Anyway the dream ended after that can someone plz explain this to me???!!!

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I have lots of dreams about and with (as in my friends are in them) my friends. I don't think it means anything, but I guess they could mean many things. I don't believe this, but maybe if you dream that your friend slaps you or something maybe it means you will have a disagreement. Or maybe if you dream they suddenly disappear something might happen to them.
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Dreams serve 2 purposes. 1) to process and remember what happened to you during the day and 2) to use the new experiences/knowledge of today to go back to previous experiences and understand them in a whole new light - so do you see these friends differently now than when you were with them? Do you understand something about them now that you didn't realize then?
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I'm dreaming about the friends I haven't seen in a while and I miss them!
Its just about every night when I go to sleep I dream about all my friends.
I remember when I use to have nightmares all the time. Now my dreams are just, fun and they make me happy.
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Dude that happened to me and I ended up dating them for 3 years
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I was driving by a bar he yelled out my name. I looked back in the bar he was sitting at the table looking at me
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Okay can you guys help me "I had a drean lastnight bout this girls birthday party and it was dark with some light in a restuarant and I saw all my friends just sitting there talking and peopel walking around then I spoke to one of my good friends and he was like what up bro....and we talked with my other girl....friend thats really close to me then I woke up but it was weird like I don't know I saw people that I didnt hang out with but the people the girls bday who it was they wer her friends and I have liked the bday girl before" because lately I havent been hanging out with my friends and we have got into these little arguments cause this one use to be friend of mine is starting to talk junk bout me and turn my other friends against me so I don't know could any1 please help?

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