What Does It Mean When You Dream Of A Dead Friend?


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I had a dream that a friend of mine who died 10 years ago was a live in my dream and it was the present day. Like her being alive was hidden for years that she never really died. I have had several different dreams where she is still a live and I can talk to her and ask her questions about what happened and why she was there. No dream is in the past like when she was a live it's always where I knew she died and I thought it was weird that she was standing right in front of me. What does all this mean?
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When the body dies here, that person merely goes to the other side and takes up a new life there. We can often visit our loved ones who have passed on in the dream state. When the body sleeps, we (as SOUL) travel to the other side for learning and lessons. These journeys are recalled as dreams..they're real. I have often visited with friends and relatives that have passed on. There is never a "ceasing of SOUL". SOUL (our true form) moves on to the next world and continues It's life there, until it's time for that person (SOUL) to come back here (reincarnate) for more schooling. The Earth is a school.
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It means that you are visiting that person on the OTHER SIDE via DREAM TRAVEL.  I've done it many times as dreams are SOUL's journeys into the other worlds.  Keep a journal.  YOur friend may give you some needed advice.

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