What does it mean when you don't have a dream one night?


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There is a period of sleep when people dream, it happens every night, but you don't always remember what  you dream about, but you definately go into dream sleep every night:))
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I think you dream every night, if you think you haven't had one, it just means you don't remember it.
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Sometimes when you don't really go into a DEEP sleep, you might not dream. I remember a few times when I'd close my eyes, get dizzy, three seconds of darkness and then it's morning. No dream, I consciously remember that it was only darkness. ORRRRR alternately, you just don't remember it. :)
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If you don't dream, you don't sleep. Every night we dream, but our brains are designed to usually not remember our dreams. We go through periods where we remember our dreams every night and then we sometimes go for weeks or even months and not remember what we dream about. My sister is a science person so she tells me weird random facts all the time:)
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Stephen Logan
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Really? Sometimes when I am so tired I just wake up like "poof" and it's morning without having a single dream.
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I read that we sleep on 90 minute cycles and it's only around the middle of those cycles that we dream. I think that's cool. Cause when I'm dreaming I do remember having previous dreams, and I'm all confused why the scenery just changed lol

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Sometimes it just dosen't happen during those really deep sleeps, kinda boring though when you don't have at least one cool dream during the night.

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