What Does It Mean To Dream That Your Mate Is Cheating On You And The Dream Is So Real That In The Dream You Were Fighting With The Person They Are Cheating With?


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Watch your husbands every move but don't ;t em see you.
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  This means only that you and/or your marriage have serious issues. Dreams are made of random events throughout the day whether real of perceived. It sounds like you are very jealous or he is really giving you cause to be pissed about this matter. I couldn't say which but suggest you figure it out.
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It probably means that he IS cheating on you...especially if in the dream he, or the other woman, is looking at you STRAIGHT IN THE EYE. You can also tell by the way you feel when you wake up. I woke up KNOWING he'd cheated. He was lying next to me asleep and I said to myself
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I would not jump to conclusions on this one,but perhaps there are issues in your marriage that need attention and you may need to bring these issues to the forfront. Peace
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It means you are worried about him cheating on you, or that you may want to cheat on him

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