I'm A Virgo Female, He's A Virgo Male - Are We Compatible?


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This match can work, but you two may find forging a long-term relationship very difficult.

Virgos are incredibly devoted to one another, so you'll quickly find yourself immersed in a very deep and emotional relationship.

However, you may find some problems in this pairing:

Virgos are critical of others when they don't live up to their expectations - so you'll need to have thick skin when you are with another Virgo.

Virgos also have a tendency to be highly-strung, shy and sometimes even insecure.

How compatible is a Virgo man with a Virgo woman?
  • Virgos will crave reassurance and secuity in the relationship and each can provide this for the other. This common ground makes for a very intimate relationship.
  • Virgos appreciate home-comforts, so these two should expect a routine-based and functional existence which both will be happy with. Problems may occur if they are forced into an upheaval of some sort, though.
  • As I mentioned earlier, Virgos can be highly critical of others. These two will have to learn to accept who the other is, or the relationship will have no chance. If too much criticism is placed on one of them, then the relationship will fall to pieces.
These two can work, but they will have to learn to accept each other's weaknesses. Compromise would serve this relationship well - and if this pair can conquer these intial obstacles, then their relationship will benefit in the long term.
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I'm a female and my best friend is a Virgo male. We are currently going through that, "I like you more than just a friend, let's try dating" stage.

To me, he is the perfect partner (not just for me, but for any girl). We are perfect for each other and I couldn't see myself with any other man. The above description describes us perfectly! It's scary!

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