What Does It Mean If I Dream Of Dead Mice?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
I know this dream might seem pretty unpleasant, but wait – it actually means that you’re on your way to overcoming the troubles in your life!

The mice represent your anxieties and worries: If your mind was a house, your troubles would be the mice running through it, nibbling at the floorboards and nesting in the walls.

As the mice in your dream were dead, your mind should be at peace. Your dream is letting you know that the things that bother you are going to stop mattering, or are going to be resolved.

How Do I Know What Troubles The Mice Represent?
You need to think about where you saw the mice, and what was happening at the time. Where were the dead mice? Was anybody around? What were you doing when you saw them?

I had a dream like this once – I hadn’t cleaned out my pony’s stable for a while, and I dreamed that it was full of mice.  I kept having the same dream until I mucked out the stable, and then the dreams stopped.

The mice in your dream were already dead, though, so it seems like you’ve already overcome what was bothering you!

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