I Had A Dream That My Best Friend (guy) And I (girl) Were Dating. What Do You Think It Means?


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Dreaming is defined as the subjective experience of imaginary images, sounds/voices, thoughts or sensations during sleep. Dreams represent a world of imagery in which our darkest fears, deepest secrets, and most passionate fantasies break out from the unconscious mind and only at this time become present to our own consciousness. Have you ever thought being with this guy? If you have, the dream is probably what you want to happen if you were with him. If you would never go out with him and do not like him like that, then the dream means nothing. If you continue to have relationship type dreams with him in it, theres probably a connection between you two. Hope it helps.
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I have, over a year ago, had a crush on him. I woke up one day and realized that nothing would ever happen so I moved on. Could it be possible that I'm dreaming about him because he's the first best friend I've had that's been a guy?
Your answer did help me very much. Thank you.
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Dreams generally don't mean anything. They are random images your brain puts together. Occasionally they do have a meaning but not often. For  instance, yours probably means that you havent fully let go of him or he secretly has a crush on you. Convince him to go out with you. Make like a 1 month trial run or something. See if that doesnt help
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It was just a dream.

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It means you might want to date him or it was just a dream

figure it out
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I think it means that you and your bets guy friend will become closer than you think. Because I had a dream that I was dating my best guy friend and a couple of weeks later from the dream I've been hearing some of his friends saying that he liked me and now....
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I had a similar dream too in my dream my best guy Friend said he liked me to his friend and I heard him so I said why don't you ask me out and then we were holding hands and he gave me my first kiss but the weird thing was that when he said he liked a girl that he knew for five years and in real life I have known him for five years
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It could be something that you would like to have happen. Dreams are hard to interpret and sometimes are brought about by apprehensions, insecurities or just random thoughts. Dreams do not always have significance but a lot of times the happenings stay with you for sometime and can occupy your mind with no relation to reality.
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Your subconsciouses mind is working over time or there has been something that you saw that did not seem right,or you have a low trust factor or perhaps you are concerned because of some action you did not deem trustworthy.

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