I Always Dream Of Someone Breaking Into My House. What Does This Mean?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
Well, in a dream, your house is supposed to represent your mind. If you take that into account, a dream about someone breaking into your house could mean that you’re feeling like your headspace is being invaded!

What Could Be Causing This Dream?
  • Feeling smothered by your family. If your mom wants to know everything about your love-life and keeps questioning you, then maybe you feel as if she’s not giving you any space to think.
  • Violation of trust. Has your boyfriend read your diary, or looked through your text messages? This is the kind of thing that would make you dream about your house being broken into.
  • Feeling pressured. Are you being forced to make a decision that you’re not ready for, or are you caught in the middle of somebody else’s argument?
If you keep having the same dream about your house being broken into, then you probably need to address the problem.

Once you’ve confronted whatever it is that’s invading your thoughts, the dreams should hopefully stop altogether - good luck!
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