Are Gemini Women And Aquarius Women Compatible?


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Maud La Roux answered
Yes, they certainly are! The pairing of Gemini and Aquarius is one of the strongest matches in the whole of the zodiac.

This couple will have plenty of common ground, but with a few differences - which add variety and excitement to the relationship.

They will have no problem establishing a long-lasting and deep connection.

How compatible is a Gemini woman with an Aquarius woman?
  • Both of these signs can have child-like tendencies: They tend to be carefree at times and are very youthful. This will make for a very fun relationship.
  • Gemini women and Aquarius women are always laid back and relaxed, which should mean that, if there is any form of problem between the two, it can be ironed out immediately and smoothly.
  • One thing is for sure when it comes to these two - life will never be boring. The laughter and fun they enjoy together could prove to be the firm foundation needed to build a relationship upon.
  • The only problem that could arise between these two is the Gemini woman's occasional vagueness, which could cause some problems for the Aquarius. The Aquarius loves to be precise, and so this element of the Gemini's personality can sometimes cause tension between the two.
Overall, these two should make for a great couple. They will find that, although some aspects of life will need to be treated more seriously, their relaxed attitude towards the partnership will usually only make it stronger. These two are very compatible.
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Will Martin answered
Gemini and Aquarius are usually said to be among the best matches; but to be honest, thinking about star signs isn't much of a basis for a relationship. Are the people compatible as individuals?
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jessye mcbride answered
Yes, they are both air signs and should have a lot in common. You will like his laid-back nature and he will appreciate your intelligence and wittiness. Aquarian men are interesting and fun. Good combination!

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