Is It True That If You Dream About Someone, It Means They Miss You?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
Some people do say that dreaming about someone means that they miss you, but I always thought it meant that you missed them!

If dreaming about somebody means that they miss you, then this suggests that our dreams are psychic. I think it’s true that our dreams can reveal certain things to us, but I don’t think they have the power to tell us more than we know subconsciously!

Sometimes, our dreams can rearrange the thoughts in our subconscious so that they make more sense to us – think about unscrambling a bunch of letters so that they make a word, as it’s kind of like this!

However, if those thoughts aren’t there in the first place, then our dreams can’t unscramble them. This is why I think that a dream about someone probably means that you miss them, rather than the other way around.

It could just be that this person has appeared in your dream at random, or it could be that you miss them. You might not even be aware of this! I was at summer camp last year, and I kept dreaming about my pony Dougal. I was having such a good time at camp that I didn’t realize I missed him, but as soon as I thought about my dream, I knew that I did!
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That could be true, but I have never heard that before.

I always thought and heard that you often dream about what you are thinking about in your mind. So I guess if you were thinking about someone you miss and you dream about them, they probably miss you.
Sometimes it's true.....

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