What Does It Mean When You Try To Run In A Dream And Your Legs Feel Weighed Down?


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It's very common to dream that you're running in slow motion, and it's usually unpleasant. However, there's a scientific explanation for it, so don't worry about it being a bad omen or anything!

When we sleep, our brains produce short-lived chemicals that stop us moving. This is for protection: They prevent us from hurting ourselves or accidentally injuring somebody.

When we dream that we're running, our brains still try to send signals to our legs, so that "weighed down" feeling is actually exactly what it seems - we're trying to run, and can't.

Usually, we're pretty relaxed when we're dreaming, so we only tend to notice this sensation when our survival instinct tells us we have to run urgently - like when we dream that we're being chased and need to escape.

The same thing happens when we dream about not being able to cry out for help, or trying to fight someone and being unable to hit them.
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This could mean various things, but this is the one that sounds best to me: To be trying to handle many different things at one time and not be able to catch up.
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That you think you can't go places or you want to relive the past but can't, and it makes you mad that people are doing things you did in your past.

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