What Is Your Interpretation Of A Dream About Being Shot In The Head With A Bullet, But Not Having Any Damge Done Except For A Few Seconds Of Dizziness, And Then Getting Back Up And Continuing What You Were Doing Again Instead Of Dying?


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Hmm perhaps a small shock in the way your life is at this very moment in time enough for you to notice but not big enought to disrupt your entire life (:
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You will face adversity but will be resilient and bounce back .
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I interpret the dream as you realizing that you are a resilient person. Your ideas or wishes can seem to get shot down, but you get back up and keep trying.
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Hiya Coldplace.I honestly think a dream is something outwith you control,and does't mean anything.If I believed that dreams had a meaning,I would be inside a high walled institution by now
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Who Knows.. Maybe You Will Be In For A Deep.. Intense Surprise . Like That Song "I Get Knocked Down But I Get Up Again And You're Never going to Keep Me Down.".   Good Or Bad And It Won't Really Bother You... I Had A Really Bad Dream About My Parents Dying In A Head On Collision . My Mom Died Of A Stroke About 2 Years Later When I Was 19   But My Dad Lived Another 17 Years Dying Of Heart Disease. They Died Too Soon But It Wasn't Even Close To A Car Wreck They Just Died Suddenly..   I Have Bizarre Dreams. Last Year.. I Dreamed The World Ran Out Of Fuel.. And Cars Ran On Ketchup..   KETCHUP?? I Am Not A Huge Ketchup Fan.. And   The Oil Mess In The Gulf Just Happened 2 Months Ago.. Who Knows Why We Dream.. What We Dream.. Ketchup In CARS? "Nasty Bits"..   As I Always Say.. When I See Something   I Don't Like..   Like Road Kill Or Rotten Potatoes.. Moldy Cheese
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Hi Cold,
I'm no professional dream interpreter...but in our dreams, when see people we know, they do not represent that person.   So if you dreamed that this girl shot you, it probably is only symbolic that in life, someone may be trying to shoot you down, ( possibly someone you already know ) but your not going to allow it. Your going to get right back up on your feet &   keep going....just like you did in your dream.
Normally, you would think it was about you & this girl.
Not so, Cold. And this fools many people when they try to interpret their own dreams.

Most people think when they see a person they know well in their dreams, that it's that person who they're dreaming about. It isn't really...It's almost always symbolic.
I have mistakenly thought I was dreaming about a relative or loved one, yet the real meaning was something much different in my life.

Hope this makes you feel better about it. It's what I would take from it.
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I do not believe that a dream is anything more than it is - a dream.   It has no relationship to our waking life. At most, if you are stressed when you go to bed, you may have a dream that is stressful or if you have a loved one seriously ill or in the hospital you may dream about death or dying or recovery.   But, as being a predictor of the future, nope!   Don't believe it.   But, then I don't believe that horoscopes can predict your future either.   I also believe that when people say they are plagued with bad luck that it is generally bad choices they have made, not bad luck.
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Nothing like some cheer from Jackyll...but, I will say that this dreams means that you are invincible!! How was your mind prior to sleeping? I feel that this night you felt bulletproof and as you slept, you remained in high spirits and your self esteem was at a very high level. You conquered even a flying bullet in your sleep and while you did fall, you stood up again. This directly reflects on how you see yourself...which was very positive last night!!
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I've seen this before. What happened is you were sleep walking, aliens got ahold of you, took out your brain, then fired bullets at a empty skull, they missed every time except once, and cause they were alien bullets, they don't leave holes (stupid aliens can't kill anything with those bullets), they put yo' brain back in and took you back to your bed. And you thought it was a dream.
Trust me, I'm a dream doctor.
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A few life times ago I read a book by Ann Faraday on dream interpretation. Quite clever.I can't remember if I read this in her book or picked it up at a Tibetan dream workshop .. Anyways .. Generally, being shot/dying etc in a dream stands for a new beginning of some sort according to some of my past teachers. There is also significance in going down the stairs as opposed to going up. And if you would like to know what the person who shot you stands for, you could role play this, either on our own or with others and simply ask questions. Like, why are you shooting me? Etc. Just the same .. I wouldn't turn my back to this kid .. Hu huh. Dreams early in the morning are apparently predictive.

Sweet dreams.
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Sounds like you have experienced, are experiencing, or will experience a very traumatic event, which feels to you akin to dying, or you may have thoughts of suicide, but you will pick yourself up and start again.
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Well, considering you are brainless and therefore the head is empty, the bullet could not do any damage as there was nothing to damage..the dizziness was just the slight trauma of the entrance and exit wounds to the scalp. You could fill the holes with a little wood filler.
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emma loveees youuu xo
Even though that was an insult it was actually quite clever, so i have to give you credit mate. Lol =P
Jack Mahon
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Considering your mental status i'd just as soon not "mate" with you. I'm smart, you're brainless so I guess our offsprings would be "Half wits" You know I love ya, so don't take anything personal.

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