I Keep Dreaming About Old Friends That I Don't See At All Anymore. WHY?


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I also dream about my old friends constantly. And the weird thing is that I haven't seen them since I was 12, now I'm 21!!! I think I dream about them because I have never found new friends like them. I know no one can be like them but is just that we had soooo muchhhhh funnn. I used to live in Mexico, and when I was 12 my father who already resided in California asked us to come and live with him here in California. Since I've been living in this country I keep meeting wonderful people, but for some reason I just don't have as much fun!!!!!
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Yes, I agree, you most likely subconsciously(or however you spell that) miss them. Dreams are unpredictable(to your conscious mind), so therefore your conscious self doesn't know why. Hope it does now!! :)  
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You miss those times you have with your friends and want them back . Each and every one of them
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Your dreams are practically visions of what you are thiunking of when you sleep maybe you just miss your friends and are thinking about them when you sleep

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