What Does It Mean When You Dont Have Dreams?


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Ginny Weasley answered
Everyone has the average around 8 dreams if you're getting the required sleep.
When you wake up, however, you forget around 40% of your dreams, then when your fully awake, you forget almost all of it & need something that has resemblance to your dream to trigger your memory to remember your dream.
118 118 Profile
118 118 answered
Everyone has a dream. Its just that you can't remember it.
Yvonne Gnagy Profile
Yvonne Gnagy answered
While it is true that you might not be remembering your dreams, most likely it is because you aren't reaching the sleep level needed to dream.
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Jason answered
I get that to all you remeber is blackness I could be that you don't remember or that you werent thinking a lot of something before you slept

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