Why Do I Keep Dreaming Of Having A Baby?


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Dreams in themselves don't carry a whole lot of significance; usually, they're just random images thrown up by the mind as it sorts through the data collected during the day. Recurring dreams tend to be associated with recurring thoughts. I would suggest that if you keep dreaming of having a baby, it's because you are consciously reminded of childbirth at some point during the day. Occasionally, dreams will manifest our desires and fears, which could mean that you want to have a baby on some level--but this is a dream that most of my female friends have had, especially during their ovulation period. It's normal and healthy to want to have a baby, provided you're responsible enough to raise one. I wouldn't attach any future significance to your dream; it doesn't mean you're pregnant, or that you necessarily will become pregnant.
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I would say that maybe its because deep down inside you really would like to have a baby or it maybe that in the dream would we sometime able to see in to the future which I have experience of myself.

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Humans have there own time machine.

Dreams take you forward, memory takes you back.

Take good care of your self. Slow Down !

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