Are there such thing as angels if so is there any evidence?


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Arthur Wright answered
Sure they are everywhere, I know,I married one
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You will find ALL the answers in the Bible.
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yvette Jones answered
Honestly, angels are real. Many times when we are in trouble it is an  angel sent by God who saves us at that moment. If we need assistance with anything angels are there to help. They are real. I have seen them.
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In Quran God has mentioned them!! And for that they are as such physical evidence one can't acquire one however i never experienced such stuff
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Angels are around us and can take on human forms shapes and leave signs such as feathers just ask they will help when called upon
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The Bible - especially the Old Testament - is some of the best science fiction ever written.
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Lianna Lins
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Incidentally, your history book is some of the best sci-fi ever too. Why do you think the Big Bang really happened when nobody can prove it, and you don't believe the things that happened in the Old Testament was all recorded??

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