How Can You Win The Heart Of A Sagittarius?


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Winning the heart of a Sagittarius could prove a very energetic affair! Sagittarians love social interaction, the outdoors, meeting new people, action-orientated activities and - most importantly - change!

Therefore, you should try to do something new on every date that you have with a Sagittarius, as taking him or her to the cinema every week just won't cut it!

How to win the heart of a Sagittarius woman or man? Winning a Sagittarius woman...

  • Don't get jealous. A Sagittarian woman is a friend to many, so you may have to fight off a fair amount of competition for a her heart.
  • Let her enjoy her freedom and never try to restrict her, or you'll end up regretting it.
  • Her risk-taking nature means that you should support her when she succeeds, but always be there for her if one of her gambles doesn't pay off.
  • Some great date ideas are: Outdoor music or art, road/bike trips, romantic walks, exotic restaurants, boat trips- Sagittarians love the outdoors!

How to win the heart of Sagittarius man...

  • They love to laugh, so building up a good, flirty rapport is essential!
  • Don't be jealous: Sagittarius men don't count commitment as one of their most important moral beliefs, and you may have to play the long game.
  • Always keep him entertained! He won't lose interest if you have the same amount of energy and ambition as he does.
  • Great date ideas are anything outdoors, or anything that involves social interaction - spend a lot of time with him at a party or gathering, or go for a long walk in a nature reserve. Just remember to keep the pace up!
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Love nature, animals, fun, sports, being outside and music

Do not try to fence us in! We'll hop the fence and bolt.
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To win the heart of a Sagittarius woman, you must put her needs above your own, and be willing to be happy a lot.
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Be nice and respectful and treat them nicely, and you've got to love music and fun...

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