What Does It Mean When You Dream About Having A Boyfriend?( I Have Never Had A Boyfriend Before)


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I am not sure that it necessarily means anything other than you may either be strongly desiring one or are at least thinking of it quite often.  If a mind is preoccupied with a singular thought your subconscious may use that while you are dreaming.  Some people are capable of doing this regularly by trying.   On occasion I will find that I have a dream regarding a primary thought/concern I had throughout that waking day.  It has been rare but a few times throughout my life I was able to make myself dream something by focusing on it to a great enough extent before I went to sleep.  Thus making it more my conscious mind.

On average it probably happens more often than people know but more during the nights where they can't recall having had any dreams at all that night.

I wouldn't go as far to say that it was a premonition and that *poof* you will suddenly have a boyfriend in the very near future.  Although on the other side of the coin such a dream could change your outlook on the situation, build confidence to an extent and realize possible opportunities that you had been blind to before the dream.  So in an offhanded way could become somewhat of a premonition although the dream would be a cause of said "premonition".

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