How Compatible Are Pisces And Capricorn In Love?


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I'm a Pisces female and he's a Capricorn. I don't think you can ever fully understand Capricorn males.

Capricorn and Pisces
  • Capricorn men are so reserved and sometimes stubborn!
  • He can't tolerate me giving attention to any other boy.
  • He will hurt you and won't care a bit about your emotions.
  • But when you truly need him he will be there for you.
I don't know whether this relationship will last or not, but I love him and miss him but he never displays his emotions and gets irritated by me!
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It is said that they are not a perfect match. Pisces is initially drawn to the Capricorn's efficiency in organising their life and hopes to get their own straightened out. On the other hand, Capricorn may be drawn by Pisces demeanor of helplessness, but soon finds out that it is only one facet of many in the Pisces personality.
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I think Capricorn's stability will be enough to keep the day-dreaming Pisces grounded and focused.

Pieces-Capricorn compatibility
Water signs and earth signs seem to be good for one another. I've seen a lot of successful Capricorn and Pisces relationships work out. For example, my sister and her husband have been together since 1992, and my co-worker and her husband have been married for 27 years!

Ultimately it's up to the people involved in the relationship to determine whether or not they want to put the effort into making it work. We can't just sit back and expect everything to go smoothly, even the most compatible people in the world will still have their differences.
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This is actually a very good match! You will be sensitive to each others needs and you will easily build a strong bond. You will bolster each others ego and support one another when needed. You will also have a very passionate sex life aided by your extreme attraction to one another.

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