What Does It Mean If Your Boyfriend Is Flirting With You Best Friend And Then In A Next Dream He's Dating Your Other Best Friend? What Does It Mean? Please Help?!?!?


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    You will drive yourself straight into a rubber room if you don't start communicating with your partner and stop worrying about dreams. I know dreams are said to stem from different events during your previous day but these could come from anything and your mind could be placing him in this position because of your suspicions. I cannot say whether they are justified or not but if you feel you cannot trust him it is time to figure out if you really want to be with him. I don't know if you having any other dating experience but now is a good time for you to learn to communicate with your partner in person and iron these problems out before things get out of hand. Or if this is more of a personal issue within yourself you should work on it so this doesn't form bad habits and ruined relationships. No man/woman is worth your time if they don't care about you and your feelings and this should be what is given in return. Good luck and keep your head high. And do what you feel is in your best interest!
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Hum well I have the same problem but like it is the other way around my best friends bf is flirting with me n she says that I flirt back, I told her that we were friends before they got together n that it was tots not flirting thats just how we talk to each other but she insisted that we were so 4 her sake I cut back talking to him, I sorta ruined my friendship with him because of this and we got into a huge fight me n my girl friend n now she wont talk to me anymore I think that you should talk to you bf n tell him how you feel n let him that what he is doing is bothering you n you should also tell your friend but try not to jump to conclusions because you can really ruin your friendship with her.
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It really means you need something different. Either you should leave him or start communicating with him. You might be feeling he's flirting with your friends because you girls always think like that. :p

And you dream what your brain wants to show you! So, I'd say you better talk to him about this and sort it out. Else, you wont be having a very good relation with him!


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Your boyfriend might be going out with you just to get to your friends. I feel very sorry for you.
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Is this in a dream, d'you mean?

If so, then I think you need to review whether you really trust him.

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