What Does It Mean If I Dreamt That I Had A Baby By My Best Friend?


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When you dream you are pregnant it normally means that the is a turning point in your life which means that a project or something your working hard on is developing. It may appear in a form of a pregnancy because it is very important or personal to you, and may be you are not yet ready to reveal what it is.Dreaming that you are pregnant by a best friend/ close friend means that you may internally have feeling for this person. The dream my come in a form of a pregnancy to symbolise a close and sacred connection between you and your best friend/ close friend. This person is someone you feel very close to, it could also mean that you are slowly recognising the connection between you both. If the pregnancy is happy it may means if you end up together you may have a long and fruitful relationship.
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Usually dreams are the opposite of what they are displaying. But having a baby are dreaming of pregnancy often means death. This doesnt mean your best friend is going to die but could be the prediction of someone close to you.
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We are both only 14 years old and I have never had dreams like this before. He called me the next morning and asked if I had missed my period. I told him that it was usually irregular because I just got it last summer. I asked him why, and he said that he had a dream that I was pregnant and it was his. It was very awkward for us both because we have been good friends for two years. I am a virgin and so is he. Does this dream simply mean we have a physical attraction toward one another?

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