Does Anyone Know The Meaning Of Dreams?


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This is one of many sites that deals with dreams and their meanings.

It seems that snakes are seen as representative of death, life and rebirth...

Or maybe you're just having a nightmare because you're fearful of snakes! :)
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There's a reason why we dream. Every dream means something. My parents come from Europe and without fail everytime I told them my dream they told me what it meant and what was going to happen. This may seem unbelievable but they were right every single time. I learned from them the meanings of my dreams and to this day I live by that.
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Has something happened in your life recently that you've been thinking about a lot? This may be the cause of this strange dream. You may be able to link the two together somehow.
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Not all dreams have a meaning to them. Often, I dream that I am a Superhero.

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