I Always Dream About Money - Winning It, Spending It, Building A House With It And Donating It, And Sometimes It Wakes Me Up. Why Is Money So Dominant In My Dreams?


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Well, I think it’s pretty obvious what this means! Money clearly means a lot more to you than it should. It sounds like you’re such a financially-driven person that you’re even thinking about money when you’re sleeping!

How To Stop Dreaming About Money
  • Maybe if you think less about money when you’re awake, you’ll stop dreaming about it. Next time you catch yourself thinking of money, just think of something else. Banish the thought as soon as it appears!
  • Whenever I keep dreaming about the same thing, it usually means I need to address the problem in real life. It could be that money is a problem to you – maybe you don’t have enough.
  • Another possibility is that it’s your obsession with money that’s the problem, not the money itself. Are you generous with your money? I’m not saying you need to start throwing it around, but it wouldn’t hurt to buy a friend a coffee and see how it makes you feel. 
  • If spending money on someone else makes you feel anxious, it probably means you’re too attached to it. In this case, you should keep spending small amounts of money on other people (not the same person every time, or they’ll think you have a crush on them) until the anxious feeling goes away. When this happens, the money dreams should stop!

At the end of the day, money’s not that important – being happy is better than being rich!
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I had a very very real dream that I won $199,000.00 and feel I need to go gamble to see if my dream will come true.

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