What Does It Mean To Have A Dream About One Girl More Than Once?


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Well, first of all, what was the dream about? If it was sexual, then it most likely is just a typical horny dream (:
To fully answer you, I'd have to hear a description about the dream...
Also, is this girl someone that you are with, have been with, or want to be with? Or is she just some random girl from school or work or wherever?
Sorry to not be of more help...
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Tyler Williams
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We are friends and are working towards being together and this dream starts with us just hanging out and having a good time and then it turns sexual haha.
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Lol! Welllll, in that case, I'd assume that you want to take it to the next level with her- I'd suggest going for it, because I think that you dream was, in a way, showing you that it would be okay, that things would work out and it would in fact become sexual (:
Best of luck to you
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Okay I think you just think about her a lot but if you are thinking about going sexual I recomend that you find out if she is also willing. If so then you should go for it!! Good luck!!
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It likely means you are obsessed with her and that is all you think about or have in your head.  Play some sports or workout.  Doing or thinking something different will likely help change your dreams.  Or is dreaming about her all the time a plus in your estimation?  If so, think of nothing else ;-)  Dreams are just leftover fragments of your daily thoughts and old memories.  Don't attach a lot of meaning to them.

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