I Dreamed I Saw Snakes Surrounding Me. They Were Everywhere! What Does This Mean?


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There are two popular interpretations about dreams that involve a lot of snakes. A dream about being surrounded by snakes could mean that you're feeling overwhelmed, or it could symbolize an abundance of energy.

Snakes As A Sign That You're Feeling Overwhelmed

This interpretation doesn't need much of an explanation; being surrounded by wriggling, slimy things is quite a daunting prospect! Your reaction to the snakes, and how many there are, could be an indication of just how overwhelmed you're feeling. You might also want to consider what else was happening in your dream at the time. For example, if you were at school when the snakes appeared, this could be a sign that you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount or difficulty of your school work.

Snakes As A Symbol Of Excess Energy

Snakes are living creatures and they tend to move pretty fast. If you dream that you're surrounded by them, then perhaps they represent your own energy or desire for activity. Many dream interpreters would say that the energy represented by the snakes is creative or sexual in nature. Interpreting the snakes as symbols of energy makes more sense if the snakes weren't frightening you.

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Simple answer: Check out any dream dictionary online.
Real answer: It's impossible for someone here to know. The psychological community doesn't have an adequate explanation for dreams yet, a lot of theories, but no explanation. If dreams do have meaning, maybe your dream has a universal symbolism (like dream dictionaries want you to believe) or maybe it has a symbolism unique to you and your situation in life. My vote is that the symbolism or happenings in your dreams are directly related to your life and what is going on now. Only you know what that is.
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Ok idk where i was at. But in my dream i slid down a slide and into the water. In the water there was a snake. I moved the snake and got out the water and realized there was alot of Huge snakes around me. A few were mating. I was scared so i was leavin. As i was leaving 2 little snakes kept following me. I would jump on chairs and tables and they still following me. And gurl yelled out that tha snakes like me. But i still kept trying to get away from them. Does anyone knows what this means?
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You have many enemies

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