I Often Have This Dream Where I Eat Paper And Cardboard. What Does It Mean?


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Apparently, eating in dreams symbolizes sadness and
loneliness. I guess if you’re eating cardboard, you must be feeling pretty bad.

Paper and cardboard must be difficult to eat, so maybe your dream means that you’re finding it difficult to cope with your emotions.

Think about what else was happening in your dream, or where you were when you were eating the paper and cardboard. If it was at work, then maybe you’re feeling depressed in the office and isolated from those around

From my experience, the people who feature in your dream are
usually related to whatever it is that the dream is about. So, if eating paper
symbolizes sadness and loneliness, and you eat it in the presence of your mom,
this could be a sign that you’re feeling left out and neglected around your
family. Maybe one of brothers or sisters is being mean to you, but only you
will know that.

You might want to try spending more time with people, and
maybe make some more friends so that you’re not lonely. Hopefully that’ll stop
you having the dream!
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I had this dream last night. I think it's because I ate something really heavy before going to bed. That would explain feeling sick in the morning too.
If your body is spending all night digesting something heavy then you're bound to feel unrested.
I don't think it means anything more than making sure you eat 'proper' food - not junk food, and definitely not before bed!
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I have these all of the time!  I put PB & J in the middle of two slices of paper, and I wake up every morning SICK!

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